Gina Lückenkemper

 Soest Athletics, Sprint, Influencer


German Champion and U20 European Champion 200m. 10.95 on 100m, 22.67 on 200m. Adidas ambassador.


Speed is my life. Already as a small child, I noticed that I was faster than other children. I talk faster, eat faster and run faster. In terms of running, even the boys became frustrated when playing catch. I love what I do and do it with fun and pride. Some people say: You can notice that!

I'm running for SCC Berlin - and for Germany, as in the 4x 100m relay at the Olympic Games in Rio, where we finished 4th and closely missed an Olympic Medal. Running is so much fun! I am already looking forward to the next competitions - maybe with you as a sponsor?

Our preferred sponsor

My current sponsors include

  • Adidas
  • Burgwächter


Greatest successes


  • First German for 26 years in under 11 seconds
  • 4th place World Championships with the 4x100m relay
  • Team European Champion in Lille
  • German Champion in 100m sprint
  • Vice World Champion with the 4x200m relay at the World Relays in Nassau/Bahamas


  • German Champion in 200m sprint
  • Bronze Medal in 200m sprint at the European Championships in Amsterdam
  • Bronze Medal in 4x100m relay at the European Championships in Amsterdam
  • Semi finalist in 200m sprint (14.) at the Olympic Games in Rio
  • 4th place in the 4x100m relay at the Olympic Games in Rio


  • 5th place at the World Championships in the 4x100m relay in Bejing/China

Youth successes

  • Youth European Champion in 200m sprint 2015 in Eskilstuna/Sweden
  • Bronze Medal at the U20 World Championship 2014 in the 4x100m relay in Eugene/USA
  • Seven German Championships in 100m and 200m sprint

Key figures for sponsors

I regularly post on Facebook and Instagram and reach a large, athletics-fanatic target group.