Anastasia Ashley

„Professional surfer | Model | Speaker . Featured in the mainstream media and followed by millions.“

Surfing, Wind Surfing, Influencer  Oahu

Greatest successes

  • 2015- Womens pipeline pro – 5th
  • 2014- Super girl pro -13th2013 – Billabong XXL Big wave awards nominee for Overall performance
  • 2013- 2nd Women's Pipeline pro
  • 2013- Redbull Quiantang team Challenge- 3rd place
  • 2013 – 2nd place APSS Shoe city pro
  • 2012- 3rd place Honda Pro
  • 2011- 3rd place women's Pipeline pro
  • 2010- Women's Pipeline pro Champion
  • 2008- APSPR Corona pro tour women's champion

Media Data

Key figures for sponsors

  • over 2 Million Facebook-Fans
  • over 1 Million Instagram-Followers
  • viral presence thanks to modelling jobs and appearances as a speaker


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